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Useful Google / SEO Links

These pdfs make very interesting reading for the basics of SEO

Google Search Engine Optimisation Guide

Google webmasters Search Engine Optimization

SEO Moz Beginner Guide to SEO

Importance of keywords in copy for SEO

This is an interesting and very readable article on the importance of using keywords in your website copy. It has been written from a journalist point of view but everything is relevant to ecommerce product descriptions too

A guide to keywords for SEO

Read this before you renew your SSL certificate

With the introduction of PCI DSS and its implementation, every website that only uses SSL to encrypt credit card payment will need to review their processes to ensure they comply to current standards.

See our other blog entry "PCI DSS"


Actinic have posted a useful webpage outlining the current banking standards, its a good read!

Introduction to PCI-DSS

This page taken from Actinic blog is also useful

Actinic Blog on PCI-DSS

We are recommending that clients use Actinic payments as other actinic users are rating it highly. For more information phone actinic sales.

Social Media and ROI

We attended a social media conference recently where the key subject was "Social Media and ROI"

There was much discussion as to whether, in the context of Social Media, ROI could mean Return on Influence rather than the traditional "Return on Investment". given the nature of social networking it is probably worth exploring this idea.

Social Media and ROI