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Actinic launches new website

Actinic launched their new content management website today (Joomla), it brings their image up to date rather than the stuck in the 90's affair the last site was.

As a result of creating a new site, all the old URLs have changed. It doesn't look like there are 301 redirects in place for all pages to forward people to new URLs. Thus below we have posted the link to the page most developers need from time to time. The full list of old versions and patch releases.


We have recently activated IMAP on all mailservers. This will enable you to sync email across laptops/desktops/phones.

Login to webmail to set up folders to sync, then add email account to phone etc using IMAP for account type.

Trojan Warning

We dont often post re trojans, script injections, viruses etc but there is a particularly nasty one about at the mo.

It is called: HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

All you need to do to become infected is visit a web site with the infected code - chances are you will not know when you land on a site that has it, or that it is doing something in the background on your now infected PC.

The first thing you will notice is that your PC is running slowly.

Here's what happens:

Change of Address for invoicing

We have a few clients who pay us by cheque - please be sure to read your invoice (bottom left) and send your cheque to our new address.

Please contact us if you would like to change your payment method to bank transfer or standing order.

New Website

If you can see this - you are looking at our new website!

Please feel free to comment on whether you like it or not. If there are any services you would like us to offer please drop us a line too.

We are pleased to announce we are widening our scope and are now offering hosting for ecommerce, content management, databases and blogs. There's not much we can't host.