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Short URLs

Here is an interesting blog about short URLs - how to use them, how to avoid their pitfalls for SEO purposes.

Short URLs

Why good checkout design is more important than trustmarks

There has always been alot of debate about getting trustmarks for your e-commerce website, some of these trustmarks cost the website owner a few pounds too. Before committing to spending on such logos and schemes, take time to read this interesting article on good checkout design instead.

This is especially interesting timing, in light of the release of Actinic V10 beta. One of the new features promised in V10 is a re-write of the checkout pages.

BBC The Virtual Revolution

I've just watched the 3rd program of this BBC series called "The Cost of Free". The cost of free to you and I is what we ultimately pay by donating our personal information in exchange for "free" services.

There is a large segment towards the middle of the program talking about Google and how it funds (via targeted advertising) its free services.

Do you like lists?

Here's an interesting blog/post from boagworld, (blog is devoted to website build and design). In this post they discuss lists, and the things you should be doing on a regular basis to keep your website in tip top condition - not all items will be relevant to every website but there may be a few interesting ideas to explore.

Google Apps

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that we had added IMAP to our mailservers to allow clients the ability to sync email across PC, laptop and phone. We have converted some of our domain email addresses to IMAP and find it extremely useful for syncing across devices and sharing.

Since them we have become aware of Google Apps which will do the same task. The difference, of course, is that your mail service will be run by Google rather than your host but Apps do offer extra services such as Calendar sync too.