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Ten Steps to create a powerful Facebook page

Those of you who are into social networking and have a facebook page for your ecommerce site might be interested in this article that describes how best to create a page that works!

Ten Steps to a powerful Facebook page

How to Prevent Hotlinking

Just added a help file to our control panel help - see the navigation on the right underneath the blog navigation.

This new article details how to take steps to stop bandwidth thieves stealing your bandwidth and costing you money.

How to prevent hotlinking

Dedicated Server Clients - Vote for Us!

April award for popular hostWe were listed as one of the most popular dedicated server hosts in April 2010 - our first month with the Dedicated Server Directory.

See our listing here

Actinic / Machform

I bought an excellent piece of software the other day called Machform, it is a WYSIWYG form creator. The challenge was to create a complex form that would sit quite happily in an Actinic shopping cart website. As it turned out it was quite a simple job.

Use Machform to create your form, open Actinic, create a brochure page, assign a .php extension to the pagename. Create a fragment, paste the form code provided by Mach into the fragment, I used the php code so wrapped it in the usual Actinic tags !!< code here >!!

Scheduled Maintenance 20th April 2010

- DATE: Tuesday 20th April 2010
- TIME: 18:00-06:00
- DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Internal network maintenance and performance enhancements that will affect all servers for a maximum of 15 minutes


On Tuesday 20th April between the hours of 18:00 and 06:00 we will be performing some internal network maintenance and performance enhancements that will cause short periods of downtime for all servers between this period.

Apologies for the inconvenience.