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Thinking about your website on mobile?

More and more browsing is now on mobile phones such as iphone. Here is an interesting article discussing whether it is a good idea to build a 2nd website for mobile viewers.

Build a website for mobile phone?

Want to convert more visitors to orders?

If you have a conversion rate on your e-commerce site around the 1-2% mark it might be worth taking a look at the Google Website Optimiser. Average conversion rate is between 1 and 4% but there is no reason why a well optimised site can't do better then this.

Make the most out of every website visitor you have, get your site to sell to your current visitors before going out to find more visitors.

Google Website Optimiser

Happy New Year 2010

We would like to wish all our clients and website visitors a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Online Marketing Myths

This makes for interesting reading and to generate abit of conversation.

Blog post from Datadial (Dec 16 2009)

Online Marketing Myths

Useful Google / SEO Links

These pdfs make very interesting reading for the basics of SEO

Google Search Engine Optimisation Guide

Google webmasters Search Engine Optimization

SEO Moz Beginner Guide to SEO